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It's time to start making YOU a priority to become Queen of your health & wellness for a luxurious lifestyle!

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to learn what steps you should follow to achieve a well-balanced & healthy lifestyle!


You'll learn how to prioritize yourself while indulging in life's luxuries, which will allow you to be more present for your family & career.

I help woman entrepreneurs  and high-achieving corporate women become Queen of their health and wellness for a well-balanced, luxurious lifestyle!

Are you ready to stop putting yourself LAST and finally transform into the Queen that you really deserve to be? 

You have an INCREDIBLE life, but you're not sure how to balance it all.

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You're afraid to prioritize yourself and your desires because you fear that you'll let your family and career down.

Face it, being a BOSS woman is rewarding...yet, can be very challenging at times.


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You're limited on time AND energy.

BUT, not valuing yourself enough to keep yourself a priority can wreak havoc on your health, soul, and body.

I do not want that for you.

Your family does not want that for you. 

You need a master plan to get more clarity on living a healthier, luxe life to go from...


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How would I know?

Because nearly 1 year ago, I was completely drained from working at my corporate physical therapy job, treating up to 14 patients (on average) per day.  I  was burnt out after every shift, feeling like I had little time for myself, self care, & not living out my true dream life.  It ultimately took a toll & led me to resign from my position to become my own boss!

I Knew I Had to Make a Change

I wasn't going to continue being an over-exhausted clinician working another year with my time & freedom being under the graces of a company that didn't value things that I found important.

Hence, my resignation allowed me to achieve time freedom to be able to create my dream life on my own terms.

Obtain the clarity & determination you need

to achieve life balance and live like a true Queen

Using my signature Lady Well framework, you can discover & design your ultimate dream life for healthier, luxury living with these steps: 




Remodel your Mindset
Discover the daily habits you need to achieve a well-balanced, luxe life

Re-design your Routine
Establish a consistent routine that's realistic for your lifestyle

Revolutionize your Time
Learn the power of outsourcing to gain time to prioritize self, health & fitness


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